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The EU is calling for a global approach in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping vessels. Notably, marine transport is one of the largest and growing sources of emissions. Initially, ships using EU ports will need to report their verified annual emissions and other relevant information as of 2018.

Large ships over 5.000 gross tonnes which load/unload cargo/passengers in any EU ports are to monitor and report their emissions.  Ships have to monitor and report their CO2 emissions according to their approved monitoring plan.

In fact, monitoring, reporting and verification of information shall conform to Regulation 2015/757 (as amended by Delegated Regulation 2016/2071).

Legal acts

Specifically three other legal acts are also relevant:

Delegated Regulation 2016/20172 regarding verification and accreditation activities.

Regulations 2016/1927 regarding templates in detail.

Regulation 2016/1928 further defining cargo carried for some ship categories.


Main obligations at the present time include the following:

On 30 August 2017, shipping companies had to submit a monitoring plan to an accredited verifier. Templates used should correspond to Annex I of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1927 (for more information see also here).  THETIS MRV, the European Union information system has specifically developed these electronic templates.

As of 1st January 2018, shipping companies shall monitor COemisssions, fuel consumption and other parameters. These include distance traveled, time at sea and cargo carried on a per voyage basis for each ship. These parameters are necessary in order to gather the data for the annual emissions report.

As of 2019, each year shipping companies shall submit a verified emissions report to the EU Commission by 30 April. Consequently, shipping companies shall submit these reports through THETIS MRV. Additionally, the emissions report apply to each ship having performed any EEA related maritime transport in the previous reporting period.

As of 2019, by 30 June of each year shipping companies shall ensure their ships carry on board compliance documentation issued by an accredited verifier through the THETIS website. This obligation is subject to inspection by competent authorities.


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